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uChoose Rewards® Program

All PSFCU Debit card holders are eligible to enroll in the uChoose Rewards® program. You gain 1 point for every $2 spent. Additionally, you may earn up to 10 points for every $1 spent on special offers.

How to enroll?

  • Visit the uChoose Rewards® program website and follow the steps to register your PSFCU Visa debit card(s)
  • Once completed, add your favorite vendors, and start stacking up points!
  • You can earn extra points by enrolling multiple PSFCU Visa debit cards under one uChoose Rewards account
  • Each signature debit transaction is awarded points automatically
  • Earn points by shopping at participating stores.

uChoose Rewards allows you to redeem your points for exclusive products, gift cards, trips, and more.


Don't miss out on rewards and savings! Visit uChoose Rewards website and check out the promotion today!"

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