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PSFCU Online Website has a New Look


The new PSFCU Website

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website on February 8th, 2023. It features a modern layout and is responsive for users across devices. This website will allow us to provide an even better experience for our members. We are confident that this website with its modern and responsive design will bring our business to the next level.

Modernized and tailored to the needs of users, clear and intuitive – this is the new website of the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union.

We give users a new, convenient product, which is our new website. We have adapted it to the needs of our members, so that using it is even more convenient than before. PSFCU’s new website was created based on your opinions, suggestions, and expectations. We took advantage of the knowledge and experience of experts in this field. The results will be amazing and will certainly meet your expectations!

The most important changes introduced concern the appearance, content and the presentation of content. The new website is noticeably more user friendly and more transparent.

What has changed?

  • We have refreshed graphic design and have introduced a clear division of services, products and information. The new website is characterized primarily by clarity. We have rearranged and reorganized the content, thanks to which this new view will allow you to quickly find the necessary information.
  • We have changed the location of frequently used icons:
    • The Online Banking Icon was previously displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen and will be displayed on the left-hand side under the PSFCU logo on the new website.
    • Change Language Icon – in the previous version of the page, it was in the upper right-hand corner and on the new page it is placed it the bottom right corner of the browser window.
    • A new ADA icon was added (compliant with current web accessibility legislation) – in the lower right corner, in addition to the language change icon, you will also find the ADA icon. Thanks to the implementation of the system, PSFCU web content is more accessible to people with disabilities. Facilities that are available by clicking on the ADA icon allow comfortable use of the website for example for people with poor eyesight, the elderly or those who have trouble reading. With maximum comfort in mind, when using PSFCU Online Banking services on mobile devices, our new website is responsive, i.e., adapts to the size of screens of mobile devices. This ensures convenient use of the website regardless of whether the user is viewing it on a laptop or on a phone.

What hasn’t changed?

Our web address has not changed: psfcu.com, as well as online security - the website is still protected with a strong security certificate. The methods of logging into your Online Banking account have not been changed. The change of PSFCU’s Online and Mobile Banking that was announced at the beginning of the year will take place in the next few months, about which we will inform you on our website, on social media and in branches. In line with the changes to be made on our website, we want to make the use of PSFCU electronic services convenient, fast and reliable.

We encourage you to share your comments with us. For more information, please contact the branches of the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union or call the PSFCU Member Services Center at 1.855.PSFCU.4U (1.855.773.2848).


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