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Scholarship Program for college students


Eligibility criteria*

  • all applicants must be primary PSFCU members for at least one year
  • have the required GPA
  • Freshmen students (undergraduate) are not eligible
  • apply online and submit all required documents


Scholarship application

Scholarship application will be available when the program opens.


Program start date

Program will begin in the middle of January.


Scoring criteria

  • Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate their academic and extracurricular achievements.
  • The Scholarship Application asks for supporting proofs of academic achievement such as the current GPA and the transcript. These are not the only qualifying criteria for the Scholarship Committee. Sustainable commitment to the communities that the PSFCU represents and serves and promising perspectives for the future play integral roles in this application.
  • Candidates are encouraged to adhere to the standards of the application submission.


Program results

Winners will be announced in late May.


Additional information

PSFCU Scholarship may be obtained once at each stage of studies, e.g. one as an undergraduate and one as a graduate. For more information, please send an e-mail to scholarships@psfcu.net or call PSFCU Marketing Department at 973-808-3240, ex. 6133.

The deadline for submitting appliacations in 2024 Scholarship Program was February 23rd, 2024. Winners will be notified in late May.

*Eligibility criteria are subject to change

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