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PSFCU Scholarship under the patronage of the President of Poland

The program is organized in a partnership with the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland. This scholarship involves a short summer internship in Poland under the patronage of the President of Poland. The internship will be a combination of political, economic and cultural exchange as well as sightseeing. It includes visits to leading Polish and multinational firms located in Poland and meetings with Polish government officials and business leaders.

PSFCU will cover all costs of transportation to and health insurance in Poland for all recipients, up to an agreed amount. The cost of all accommodations and activities while in Poland will be included as part of the scholarship under the patronage of the President of Poland.

Program eligibility criteria, open date and other requirements will be provided at later time.

For more information about this scholarship program, contact by calling 973-808-3240, ex. 6133 or by emailing scholarships@psfcu.net.


Winners of 2023 Scholarship under the patronage of President of Poland

Bak Nicole
Dabek Patryk
Dajka Dominik
Dul Olivia
Jewula Victoria
Kolacz Veronica
Kowalski Stanislaw
Sasak Maxim
Slowikowski Dariusz
Zielonka Veronica


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